Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Yountsville man helped others

Abijah O'Neall (II) was born 9 December 1798 in South Carolina. After moving to Ripley Township, Abijah purchased land and was known to be a conductor of the Underground Railroad by helping runaways escape. He was so secretive he never told his wife about his escapades (to ensure her safety). It was rumored he would just say, "Nellie, I need a basket of food."  O'Neall was known for hiding the escapees in the barn and then driving them on to the next location within a few days. O'Neall also owned the land where Yountsville Mill & Inn would eventually operate (later selling the property). O'Neall's home can still be seen on the corner of 425 West (S.R. 32) in Ripley Township.  The red brick home was built by bricks made on the property. Mary Elizabeth O'Neall (Abijah's daughter) married Wiley Kenyon who was a well-known photographer in Crawfordsville. Images by Kenyon can be viewed on the image database.  

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