Sunday, June 8, 2014

June 8, 1916 at the Music Hall

View the program (.pdf)

This booklet contains the program for the play, "The Man From Home." The play was performed by members of the Crawfordsville High School Class of 1916 at the Crawfordsville Music Hall (later Strand Theater). The play was most likely performed on 1916-06-08. The people mentioned in the booklet include: Booth Tarkington (writer of the play), Harry Leon Wilson (co-writer of the play), Mabel Coddington, Gordon Cumming, Paul Manson, Louis Spilman, Carter Henry, Royse Moon, Ray Harris, Lester Hunt, Leslie Widener, Forest Hall, Glen Snyder, Orda Plunkett, Katherine L. McCain, Lois Long, Elsa Otto, Sumner Burrows, Willard Dunbar, Frances Cadwallader, Mrs. Chapman, Mrs. Hessler, Mrs. Breckenridge, Mrs. Gilbert Wilson, Anna Caroline Crane, Darrell Pickett, Orville Klendworth, Simon Waldon, Ward Clark, Paul Champion, James Elliot, Kelly Hall, Irvin Poston, Lulu Herron, Mary Johnson, Fred Vance, Frank McNeeley, Harold Wert, Ralph Brothers (electricians), Filip Szwirschina, Leo Schweitzer (director). Businesses mentioned include: McWilliams-McCarthy Company, H. E. Daniels, Shaw Automobile Company, Warner & Peck, and Louis Bischof.

The Music Hall was a common venue for CHS events because of its size and its location. The community, the local schools, and even Wabash College used the Music Hall's comfortable and conveniently located facilities.

Do you know where it was located? ANSWER

HINT: If you remember where the Strand Theater was, before it was razed in 1999, you have the location of Crawfordsville's famous Music Hall (built in 1884).

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