Friday, April 18, 2014

Alamo Baseball Camp

Roscoe Hudson hosted a memorial baseball camp in honor of his son Jack Hudson (1937 Alamo graduate) who served in WWII. The Alamo Baseball Camp was located south of Alamo on Hudson's farm.
Unfortunately, the year and players are unidentified.

Thanks to Edith Rush for the photographs.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Knights of Columbus 25th Anniversary

In the Fall of 1946 the Knights of Columbus celebrated 25 years!  The "old" St. Bernard's church is seen behind (left to right) Willie Brennan, Leonard Winchell, Francis Fink and Chic (Harry) Holland.
Louise Winchell provided the photograph.
If anyone else has photos showing old buildings please let us know.

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Monday, April 14, 2014

Manson Brothers Provisions

Mahlon F. (Fred) Manson, in vest,
and Uncle Arthur H. Manson in doorway

Mahlon F. (Fred) Manson and his brother William Nelson Manson operated the Manson Brothers Provisions (grocery) store. The store was in more than one location, at one time being on the SE corner of Green and Market. The store was noted for providing "fancy" (anything canned) groceries. Mahlon F. was also president of The Oak Hill Cemetery and Vice President of the Crawfordsville Casket Company.
406 West Market (Family Video area today ) -- Mahlon F's residence

Mahlon F. (Fred) and William (along with several other siblings) descended from Mahlon D. Manson who was a General in the Civil War; taught in Montgomery County; was a physician, politician, and druggist.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Cummings Auto, c. 1914

Our image collection is extensive, but  there is so much of our county's history for which we have no photographs. However, we recently received a photograph taken in the early 20th century -- from an angle we have not seen before. This photograph looks west on Pike Street in downtown Crawfordsville. The intersection of Washington Street is in the background, just beyond the church (St. Bernard's), where Chase Bank stands now. The photograph features Cummings Auto Company.

The photograph was donated to CDPL by Randy Cummings. Forest M. Cummings had written on the back of this photograph: "115 East Pike Street, Crawfordsville, Indiana. My grandfather, Forest Franklin Cummings seated in car on the right, smoking cigarettes. 1914. Note license plate on left."

View other photographs from this donation.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

1865 Crawfordsville

Ever wonder what Crawfordsville looked like during the Civil War? Well, look no further! This scene is looking west on Main Street (it was called Vernon Street at the time) at the Washington Street intersection.  The bottom-right corner of the image with the fencing is where the courthouse was located. The current courthouse was later built on this same site (1876). The Crawfordsville Journal building (four stories, erected in 1836) held classes for Wabash College in 1838-1839 because Wabash's lone building was destroyed by a fire. Other business are located along Main Street (merchant, tailor, bakery).  Homes can also be seen further west on Main Street.
The second Montgomery County Courthouse (shown here)
was replaced by 1875 with the current building
(the first courthouse was a cabin).

Monday, April 7, 2014

Crawfordsville courthouse cornerstone and Paul Hughes

Mr. Paul Hughes (in photo -- original a ferrotype [tintype]) submitted 20 bread checks (small coins) in the current courthouse cornerstone that was dedicated 5 May 1875. This cornerstone box was recovered on 13 November 1986.

Photo in cornerstone
The bread checks were given as change for the purchase of groceries so the customer would frequent the store again when shopping. The check would purchase one loaf of bread -- only at Hughes Grocery. Hughes owned $9,000.00 worth of real estate in the 1870 census, and his personal estate was valued at $3,000.

A book detailing items found in the cornerstone can be checked out at the Crawfordsville library: Montgomery County Courthouse by Rebecca L. Neideffer.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Ladoga's Washington Street in 1892

Jane Lyle allowed CDPL to digitize this postcard; notice the amazing architecture of the buildings.

Businesses on Ladoga's Washington Street in 1892 were Clark and Carroll Harness, a bakery, a monument company (notice the tombstone on the sidewalk), a milliner (usually a hat maker, but could have provided any clothing), and a clothing store.

Can anyone identify the young boy driving the team?