Friday, November 21, 2014

You will probably not guess where this is!

Thanks to a recently received loan for scanning purposes, we have obtained some more interesting scenes from years ago. This photo was taken in 1939, on east College Street, behind Crawfordsville High School. Do you know where you are now?

Look below for the answer.

Don't recognize the school? That's because the school did not yet have its gymnasium. The "new" CHS had existed for decades, but the gymnasium wasn't added until 1940. The gym still exists as part of the Athena Sport and Fitness Center.

To see all the photos from this collection, check out the Krout folder on our Image Database.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

M. V. Chapman 1878 photographer

M.V. Chapman photography
Moses V. Chapman (born in New York) was one of four photographers in business in Crawfordsville (Ind.) in 1878. Chapman was located "over" 10 East Main Street and resided at Pike and Walnut. In January 1888 Chapman absorbed the Willis Gallery. Prior to entering business in Crawfordsville Chapman was listed as a photographer in Fountain County (Ind.) in the 1870 census with wife Margret, daughter Ella, and son Harry.  Moses V. passed away in August 1905.

Unfortunately these children are unidentified but were taken in the M.V. Chapman studio. The picture was found with other items of the John H. Smith and Noah Fruits families.  If you can identify this photograph or others in the Image Database, please advise the Reference Department at (765) 362-2242 x 117. Thanks.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Niceley Photography began in 1901

Unidentified young man
W.O. Niceley purchased A.H. Champion's photograph studio in 1901.  The studio was located at 101 South Washington Street, Crawfordsville (Ind.).  Mr. Niceley had previously owned a business in Bloomington (Ind.). In the 1903 Crawfordsville City Guide, Niceley lived at 207 West Wabash Avenue with his wife, Ella. 

Unfortunately, this young man is unidentified. His photograph was found with other John H. Smith family and Noah Fruits family images.

If you can identify this photograph please call 765-362-2242 x 117.  Thanks for your help!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

A.D. Willis photographer, Crawfordsville 1800s

These children are unidentified, but were received at the library with a bundle of other photos of the John H. and Cinderella (Balser) Smith Family and the Noah and Lenora (Susan/Sally Lewis) Fruits Family. The toddler (right photograph) appears to be the same child as the baby seated in the left photograph.

A.D. Willis was in business as early as 1870 in Crawfordsville (Ind.) possibly making these photographs over 140 years old.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Early 1900 manufacturing in Crawfordsville

Railroad (left) in the background and oven (right) for "baking"

This is possibly the Grimes Tile business, which was in Crawfordsville in at least 1922. The business would have been located near the railroad, but unfortunately neither picture has any information included.

Do you recognize any of the men?  Do you know the location/name of the business?
Call 362-2242 x 117 if you have any information.  Thanks.

Monday, November 10, 2014

1912 Crawfordsville Fish and Meat Market

William Sinkey ?, Fruits ?, Clarence Gilkey ?
The Central Fish and Meat Market of Sinkey and Gilkey is shown here and was located at 117 South Washington Street in Crawfordsville. Both of these men had been in business several years, but in 1912 they were in business together. William H. Sinkey (Mary Holloway) died in 1912, so the business name changed after this time. Sinkey had been in business in Crawfordsville for over 64 years and worked for or with O.W. Williams; Weil & Sons; T.E. Weil & Co., and Sinkey & Miller. Clarence Gilkey married Grace Fruits (daughter of Noah and Susan Lenora Lewis Fruits). The boy in the middle is possibly Grace's brother (son of Noah and Susan Fruits). 

If you have seen this photograph and have details, please advise the Reference Department at (765) 362-2242 x 117.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Early Montgomery County Theater

These photographs were received at the library.  It was thought these images were from New Richmond, but there is no prominent white stone decoration (circling the entire school, near the bottom window) like in the old New Richmond School.

Does anyone recognize any of the actors/actresses?
Is this possibly Waynetown?
Other photographs given at the same time as these contained family members from John H. and Cinderella Smith family and the Noah and Lenora (Susan/Sally) Fruits family.