Wednesday, June 29, 2016

The Good Old Summertime!

“In the good old the good old summertime…” Ahhh, out in the fresh air, a canoe to paddle around, and a pretty girl by his side. A perfect summer day in Indiana. An especially prized place for just hanging around and being with friends in Montgomery County has always been Shades State Park. Originally called “The Shades of Death” because of early murders in the area, and its deep ravines and forests, Shades State Park has been a “stomping ground” for nature lovers since early settlement in the area. As early as 1867, it was suggested by some Wabash students that this beautiful wooded area near Sugar Creek become a resort. In 1909, three local men got together and bought the park land, and eventually Mr. Joseph Frisz singly owned the property.  His family ran a hotel there and Mr. Frisz became well known as a naturalist.  Even during the 1930’s depression, he would not sell any trees to help out financially--”You are asking me to cut off my right arm!”  At his death in 1939,  the Kiwanis, along with the community’s help, purchased the property and gave it to the state.