Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Green and Gold Gap Hitters ... Ladoga Baseball 1905

Names of the players are listed at their positions on the diamond, 
unfortunately, the photograph doesn't state their names.
The 1905 Ladoga High School baseball team was managed by James L. Murray and coached by Cecil Gray. It is mentioned that Cecil Gray was a league ball pitcher well known in the state. Lebanon, Greencastle, and Lafayette teams were defeated by these players.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Madison Township M.D.: Dr. James Rhea

Dr. James O. Rhea served in the Spanish American War and World War I. This physician began his practice in Linden in 1904 and was also a member of the Eminence Baptist Church and the Linden Masonic Lodge. To honor this man a quartet, of Mrs. W.E. Smith, Mrs. Bernard McCay, Floyd Fraley and L.H. Little, was formed to sing The Old Rugged Cross and The City Four Square at his funeral service in 1938.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

New Richmond High School forms athletic teams

In 1911 N.R.H.S. formed an athletic association for the first time. The purpose of the association was to get athletics organized and under one head. Roy Hanawalt was elected president, John Miller the secretary and treasurer, and Prof. Kesler was named manager.
1911 badminton fun at New Richmond High School

Girls basketball team, 1911
Nettie Hanawalt (Captain) - R.G.
Grace Livingston - L.F.
Helen Miller - L.G.
Ruth Dunn - R.F.
Gertrude Frame - C.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Stunning Sayler Snapshot

Malinda and William T. Sayler were married in June 1858. The Crawfordsville Daily Journal reported Mrs. Sayler as "highly esteemed and a well known church member of the New Market Christian Church."  Eight children were born to this union. In the 1880 census, six of their children live with them in Brown Township, Montgomery County, Indiana, and W.T. is listed as a farmer.  Malinda (or as the back of the photograph stated "Aunt Lindy") lived until September 1927 reaching 84 years of age.  W.T. ("Uncle Will") passed away in 1908; interment was held at the Indian Creek Cemetery.  The photographer's name can be seen on the print, but unfortunately the year is not indicated.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Greenwood Reunion in September 1913

A Greenwood Reunion picture was donated recently to the library. It is believed the structure is the Greenwood School, which was also utilized as a church. The original Greenwood School was built in 1857. This building was built in 1875 but closed in 1925. The pretty green bushes surrounding the property are probably how the school got its name. The first reunion was held in 1907, and 159 pupils were present.
September 27, 1913 ... BIG CROWD!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Acquiring Amazing Attic Antiquities: 1913 Canine Family Reunion Photograph

Recently an amazing panoramic photograph was brought to the Local History Department. This 101 year old photograph was taken by Rettinger (Darlington) and is of the Canine and Linn families.  Maude May Canine (age 22) married William T. Linn (age 29, farmer) in 1896. The photograph was then in Ernest E. Linn's possession.  Next, came Raymond G. Linn and then Jeffrey Linn. Union Church (2 miles North of Waveland) was the location for the reunion which had been customary the few prior years.  It was recorded that 200 members of the family were present. According to the Crawfordsville Daily Journal the officers elected for the following year were Jesse W. Canine (president), Charley Canine (vice), Ida Badgley (secretary) and Ben Canine as treasurer. Rev. John M. Cauldwell made an inspiring talk in the afternoon and there was some very satisfying music. Notice the car from Arkansas and that it is August (even the dog is panting due to the heat). The family decided to hold the next reunion the second week in September in the "hope of more propitious weather conditions."

Thursday, February 6, 2014

1917 Paige Automobile on Wallace Avenue

A photo taken on a familiar Crawfordsville street was recently added to our archives. If you look closely, you will notice the wall and the dome of the Ben Hur Study in the background. If you are a local resident, you may be able to pick out this exact spot today on Wallace Avenue.

Unfortunately the men and women are unidentified, but it is possible they are Snyders (John S. Snyder was the president of the Ben Hur Life Association or Supreme Tribe of Ben Hur) or friends of the Snyder family. This young lady is exiting the brand-new car as if she were royalty.

FYI: The Paige Automobile Company was formed by Harry M. Jewett and based in Detroit.

This photograph was donated by John & Mary Kummings.
John S. & Estella Frank Snyder (grandparents to John & Mary Kummings)
lived at 201 Wallace Avenue in 1917.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Edward C. Snyder, Judge & Civil War Veteran

Judge Edward C. Snyder
Judge Snyder was the first judge of the Montgomery County Circuit Court. Snyder entered the Civil War on his 18th birthday, was captured, injured and mustered out 10 July 1865 as a Sergeant.

When this Civil War Veteran came to the Crawfordsville area, he worked for his half brother, J.M. Troutman, at the Yountsville Mill. Next, he studied law. In 1878  he was elected (and re-elected in 1880) Crawfordsville's city attorney. After serving a term as judge, he again practiced law until retirement in 1909. Mr. Snyder was also a member of the Masonic Lodge until his death in April, 1927.