Monday, September 29, 2014

Sterling and Mary Shubert, Fall of 1917

Sterling and Mary (Busenbark) Shubert
Sterling and Mary Busenbark (d/o Joseph R. and Emma) were married on December 16, 1917.  This photograph is possibly an engagement picture. In the 1920 census, Sterling was listed as a laborer in a weave shop. In the 1930 census (and after), he was a farmer in Union Township. Sterling was a WWI Veteran, a member of the New Market Christian Church, Odd Fellows Lodge 72, and WWI Barracks at Crawfordsville. Mary lived until the age of 91 and was a life member of New Market Christian Church and a graduate of New Market High School in 1913. 

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Louise Houlehan promoted to the Junior Department!

 On this day in 1925...

The First Methodist Episcopal Sunday School awarded Louise Elizabeth Houlehan a certificate announcing her promotion to the Junior Department, dated September 27, 1925. The certificate is signed by Laura G. Hose and Tully C. Crabbs.

The remainder of the items (photographs, documents, etc.) in this collection are in our Local History archival storage that you an search!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Crawfordsville ladies on an Autumn Hike ... over 100 years ago

The ladies of Crawfordsville High School (probably the Sunshine Society) are seen here around the turn of the century. Unfortunately the women are unidentified and so is the location. Milligan Park land was given in 1911, so this is possibly at Shades (or Yountsville area). Anna Willson (20-year principal) included this photograph in her "Term Paper" report which discussed the successful programs at CHS, up to 1910, in the high hopes of training high school pupils to serve the community. An interesting fact from Willson's report was that in the 1877-1898 time frame, 224 girls graduated while only 42 boys completed their education. Crawfordsville took the initiative to add vocational-type programming in the high school before it was mandatory.  This advancement served the teenagers well and enabled them to entertain successful futures and careers.

Monday, September 22, 2014

J.W. Frisz and his wife Elizabeth "Minnie" Kintz

Not everything we "collect" is stored in our archives!

This is the wedding photograph of J.W. Frisz, proprietor of Shades park, and his wife, Elizabeth "Minnie" (Kintz) Frisz.

They were married on this day: September 22, 1891.

This photograph was loaned to the CDPL for copying by the grand-daughter of J.W. Frisz, Pat Hauck. Even if you do  not want to donate an item, why not loan it to us for digitization? We can preserve it and make it available to everyone!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

White Church ... aka Dunkard, Dunker or the German Baptist

White Church, July 4, 1915
Around 1856 this church began organized meetings and would incorporate attendees from Montgomery, Tippecanoe, and Clinton Counties. At the time members (10) would meet in homes or in the school house. Records indicate the first people to be baptized (full-immersion) as "Dunkers" were Martin Bowers Sr., Edward Bowers, Eva Lowry, Martin Campbell, Esther Dunbar, Jesse Anderson, Ann McCarting, and Martin Bowers Jr.  A frame building 42' x 46' was erected in 1876 at the cost of $800.  The 1878 atlas shows the German Baptist Church on Martin Bowers' (the first minister) land, and by 1881 there were 35 members. Later, a brick structure (which cost $3,396.81) was built due to a fire (on April 20, 1893 which runied the old frame structure). By the early 1950s the German Baptist Church was no longer used. The church would have been located near the bend in 850 East and 1050 North in Sugar Creek Township.

Monday, September 15, 2014

September 15, 1908

This photo postcard shows a young woman holding a parasol, standing among many trees, which may be in front of the Wabash College Arboretum. The reverse of the postcard bears the message, "Dear Mrs. Chase We will be home the latter part of this week and can fully enjoy a rest. Looking forward to see you I am With best wishes Mrs. Burns." Addressed to Mrs. Jim Chase, Kalamazoo, Michigan. 

Postmarked September 15, 1908

In 1908, the only family named Burns in the city directory was P.H. and Zerelda Burns, with a daughter named Anna, who lived at 308 W. Wabash Avenue.

Was this Anna, standing in front of the family home on Wabash Ave. when the photo was taken?

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Guthrie & Sons ... early Crawfordsville Commerce

Main Street looking East, 1878
William and Elizabeth Guthrie made Crawfordsville their home and raised their boys in this city. William was a butcher and two of his lads followed in his footsteps. Fount (Fountain B.) and his brother Silas W. worked together, while another brother became a printer. Fount passed away in 1895, and Silas continued the family trade until about 1907. Sadly, Silas and his second wife, Eliza Jane, died within five days of one another.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Crawfordsville's Graham Brothers, mid 1800s business

Graham Brothers store at the corner of Washington and Vernon
There were two Graham Brothers in business in Crawfordsville in the 19th century. Nathan and James Graham operated a dry goods and clothing business at the corner of Washington and Vernon (now Main Street).

According to the 1860 census, James owned $10,000 in real estate and $40,000 of personal estate, and by 1870 he owned $36,000 of real estate and $20,000 in personal estate.

Nathan Graham's son (Nathan L.) left this community at the age of 14 to travel with the Barnum and Bailey Circus. We don't know what became of him…

Friday, September 5, 2014

M.E. Clodfelter, an Alamo man

April 9, 1874 Clodfelter Marriage Certificate
M.E. (Marion Erasmus) Clodfelter was born in Putnam County on June 29, 1844 to Mathias and Mary Clodfelter. When he was a child, the family moved to a farm in Ripley Township. After attending the commons schools at Alamo, he attended the Waveland Acadamy and graduated in 1868.In 1874 he married Lucinda Myers (of Alamo).

Clodfelter  was the first county superintendent and was instrumental in establishing a new system of teaching and school work that formed the foundation for our early 20th-century school system. He was not only  a superintendent, however; he had also become an attorney by 1881 who was known for assisting the "common man." It was said that. Clodfelter was stern, yet full of mirthfulness; he never idled, yet to everyone he gave a smile.  Clodfelter was also known as having the highest of morals and ideals.

After he passed away in 1917, his wife lived with their daughter, Stella, until she suffered a fall in October 1940 and died at the age of 86.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Haines-Thompson Milling Company

Haines-Thompson was in business at least 1922-1934
 The Haines-Thompson Milling Company (which made flour) was located at the corner ("point") of Lafayette Avenue and Market Street.

Burt Haines was born in February 1893 near Wingate and graduated from CHS in 1911. He later married Lala Luster in May 1917 after he had served in WWI. Haines was an active member with Lodge No. 50 F.and A.M., American Legion, and First Christian Church.  He was the manager of the Haines-Thompson Milling Company for several years, but his health failed when he was still young, and he passed away at age 43.

Haines' partner, Leo L. Thompson, was born in 1887 near Ladoga. He married Pearl Reynolds in 1911. Thompson passed away in 1957.