Friday, September 26, 2014

Crawfordsville ladies on an Autumn Hike ... over 100 years ago

The ladies of Crawfordsville High School (probably the Sunshine Society) are seen here around the turn of the century. Unfortunately the women are unidentified and so is the location. Milligan Park land was given in 1911, so this is possibly at Shades (or Yountsville area). Anna Willson (20-year principal) included this photograph in her "Term Paper" report which discussed the successful programs at CHS, up to 1910, in the high hopes of training high school pupils to serve the community. An interesting fact from Willson's report was that in the 1877-1898 time frame, 224 girls graduated while only 42 boys completed their education. Crawfordsville took the initiative to add vocational-type programming in the high school before it was mandatory.  This advancement served the teenagers well and enabled them to entertain successful futures and careers.

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