Monday, December 29, 2014

New Richmond Orchestra --- 104 years ago

1910 New Richmond High School Orchestra
This photograph was originally published in the 1910 Kole Kreke Camera Yearbook
Glen Mitchell is on the far side with no instrument.  Next, is H.A. Kessler (the teacher) with the violin.  Ernest Greenburg (violin) is seated on the piano with Mary Crowder.  The next two are identified as Lorlie Harriman and Everett Greenburg.
According to the 1910 Census Ernest Greenburg was 25 and a farm hand, thus had conceivably already graduated high school.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Crawfordsville's Sunshine Society over 100 years ago

In 1911 the Crawfordsville Sunshine Society was preparing to distribute food, dolls and clothing to those in need.  What a wonderful testament to our community - this is still being done 103 years later!
The Crawfordsville Library hopes you had a wonderful holiday season and that 2015 will bring you happiness.  If you have any pictures or artifacts you would be willing to share, please call 765-362-2242 x 117.

Monday, December 22, 2014

Christmas at Fiskville (Fiskeville) School

The above photo is taken at Fiskville School (arrow pointing to location on right which was located on North Whitlock Avenue) taken around Christmas and possibly as early as 1900.  Unfortunately, all of the children (and teacher) are unidentified.  If you have seen this picture or have any information about Fiskville (Fiskeville) please contact the Crawfordsville Public Library (765) 362-2242 x 117.

The map (1917) shows the original Fisk & Stroh plots, along with the original plat of Fiskeville.  Yes, the spelling varies.  Fiskeville school is located east of North Whitlock where the "basics" of the town is west of Whitlock.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Roscoe A. Patterson's dog tags return home

Recently, Michael Toussaint discovered this dog tag in France.  Once the dog tag was found Rita Drake contacted the Crawfordsville Library and then searched for surviving family.  She was able to contact a great great niece, Lynn Craig.  Craig and her brother decided the dog tag should be returned to Crawfordsville.  The dog tags of this brave soldier will now be kept in the archive and preserved for future generations to also remember the man who gave his life to help others.  Roscoe A. Patterson, a Crawfordsville resident, served on the front lines in WWI (beginning in the summer of 1917) in the First Division and suffered severe lung damage from poisonous gas.  Mr. Patterson returned to Montgomery County by 1919 and was a beloved member of the community.  Roscoe was well known for his magical singing voice, but the war took a huge toll on his body and he passed in November of 1923 (at the Government Hospital in Dayton, OH) at the age of 42.  Mr. Patterson was also a member of the Masons, Elks and Legion Post. 

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Christmas Smartsburg School Style

This photograph was taken for Christmas in 1914 in the Smartsburg School's Domestic Science Class (can you imagine cooking on one of these stoves?) At that time A.D. Merrell was the principal and the instructor for grades 6-8.  By the 1914/1915 school year Dan W. Murphy became the teacher for the older students and taught until at least 1927/1928.  Sadly, all students (or teacher) are unidentified.  If you recognize any of these students please advise Crawfordsville's library local history (765) 362-2242 x 117.

Smartsburg received its name because of James Smart, a doctor who had an office on a little knoll (the little knoll became Smartsburg).

Monday, December 15, 2014

Waynetown resident picture taken by Willis (Crawfordsville photographer)

Roa (Maroa) Jane Martin Stockdale
Roa was born to William R. and Sarah (Williamson) Martin on February 6, 1888.  On August 15, 1905 she Roa married Truman "Nub" Stockdale.  The Stockdales operated a grocery store and gasoline station at Waynetown.
Mrs. Stockdale was also a member of the Waynetown Christian Church (1900) until the time of her death in 1973.
If anyone has a photograph of the grocery store/gas station (or other interesting Waynetown or Montgomery County information), please contact the local history department at the Crawfordsville District Public Library (765) 362-2242 x 117.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Horseshoe Henry

Notice the horse mural and ad about "track shoe-ing."
"Horseshoe Henry" Coolman was in business on Market Street in Crawfordsville as a blacksmith and horse-shoer for over thirty years.  This is his building in 1903.  Mr. Coolman was known for his "track shoe-ing" and was sought after by men from far away for his stellar work.  Five to eight men were always employed by "Horseshoe Henry."  Mr. Coolman lived to be 69 years old and built his shop with his own plans - the shop was said to be the "model of the country."  In 1891 there were 11 horse-shoers and blacksmiths in the Crawfordsville city directory.  Ten of those businesses were within three blocks of the court house.

10 Horse-shoers were in business in 1891 within 3 blocks of court house

  1. Henry Coolman (E. Market)
  2. A.H. Davis (W. Market)
  3. Jerre Donahue (Lafayette Pike/Ave.)
  4. H.C. Foeman (E. Main)
  5. J.S. Francis (Lafayette Pike/Ave.)
  6. Gerard & Bloss (E. Jefferson)
  7. Hiatt & Peek (E. Wabash Ave.)
  8. Ramsey & Pattison (S. Green)
  9. L.H. Shular & Son (E. Pike)
  10. Chas. E. Smith (W. Pike)
  11. Jacob Sprow (E. Wabash Ave.)

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Crawfordsville Ice & Cold Storage

August 1938
The men were wishing their boss, William K. Martin, a Happy Birthday by sending this greeting. The Ice and Cold Storage (in 1938) was located at 510 Sheridan Avenue at the corner of Franklin Street. Below, the business is shown in rubble after a fire. Other photographs from the fire and the business can be viewed at this link by clicking "fire." In a 1947 manufacturer listing, the Ice and Cold Storage is still listed at 510 Sheridan Avenue, so the fire was either after 1947 or was re-built. At this time; E.M. Reynolds was the president and Mr. Martin was the secretary and treasurer of the business. There was an "ice factory" as early as 1878 owned by William Martin on Green Street.
Fire possibly between 1938-1940

Monday, December 8, 2014

Ladoga East School?

Children are playing in the snow.  Unfortunately, there is no information with this photograph.  It appears to be Ladoga ... anyone agree?  Please contact 765-362-2242 x 117 with information or other photographs pertaining to the school.  Thanks for your assistance.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

New Richmond basketball

These young men and their coach are unidentified. This is supposedly the 1950's and is an elementary New Richmond team. If you can identify any of these young men, please advise by calling (765) 362-2242 x 117. Thanks for your help. If you have other images you would consider allowing us to scan, please stop by the 2nd floor of the library.

Monday, December 1, 2014

John Remley tax receipt for 1834

John Remley's tax receipt from 1834
John Remley was born near Twenty Mile Stand, Ohio 21 May 1800.  When John was twelve, his father died and he then became an apprentice (to a tanner) for five years.  Remley married Sarah McCain in March of 1825 and came to Crawfordville the following year.  According to his obituary and Crawfordsville history book by Bowen (p. 912-914) John left a walking stick with the date carved in it that he purchased his Montgomery County land.  John Remley was known as a hard worker and honorable man who "threw the force of his strong individuality and sterling integrity into making the county what it is and his efforts did not fail of appreciation on the part of the local public."  Remley was also known as quiet, unassuming, always industrious, always honest, he grew in material prosperity and was universally respected - great traits.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Montgomery County playground fun

This playground is unidentified.  Does anyone recognize the playground or any of the teachers (or any student)?  There is a barn in the background and what appears to be a small building to the right of the photograph.  This winter scene is a typical, lovely Indiana day.  If you know where this photograph was taken, please advise the Reference Department at 765-362-2242 x 117.  Thanks.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Possibly from Hubble Family history: Anyone recognize men?

This image was received in 2008 but little information is known.  The picture was with other Hubble Family photographs so it is possible this was near Ladoga?  The rubble shows machinery, thus could this have been a mill?  Does anyone recognize the men or event (storm)? 

If you have any ideas or know anything about this picture, please call 765-362-2242 x 117.  Thanks.

Friday, November 21, 2014

You will probably not guess where this is!

Thanks to a recently received loan for scanning purposes, we have obtained some more interesting scenes from years ago. This photo was taken in 1939, on east College Street, behind Crawfordsville High School. Do you know where you are now?

Look below for the answer.

Don't recognize the school? That's because the school did not yet have its gymnasium. The "new" CHS had existed for decades, but the gymnasium wasn't added until 1940. The gym still exists as part of the Athena Sport and Fitness Center.

To see all the photos from this collection, check out the Krout folder on our Image Database.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

M. V. Chapman 1878 photographer

M.V. Chapman photography
Moses V. Chapman (born in New York) was one of four photographers in business in Crawfordsville (Ind.) in 1878. Chapman was located "over" 10 East Main Street and resided at Pike and Walnut. In January 1888 Chapman absorbed the Willis Gallery. Prior to entering business in Crawfordsville Chapman was listed as a photographer in Fountain County (Ind.) in the 1870 census with wife Margret, daughter Ella, and son Harry.  Moses V. passed away in August 1905.

Unfortunately these children are unidentified but were taken in the M.V. Chapman studio. The picture was found with other items of the John H. Smith and Noah Fruits families.  If you can identify this photograph or others in the Image Database, please advise the Reference Department at (765) 362-2242 x 117. Thanks.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Niceley Photography began in 1901

Unidentified young man
W.O. Niceley purchased A.H. Champion's photograph studio in 1901.  The studio was located at 101 South Washington Street, Crawfordsville (Ind.).  Mr. Niceley had previously owned a business in Bloomington (Ind.). In the 1903 Crawfordsville City Guide, Niceley lived at 207 West Wabash Avenue with his wife, Ella. 

Unfortunately, this young man is unidentified. His photograph was found with other John H. Smith family and Noah Fruits family images.

If you can identify this photograph please call 765-362-2242 x 117.  Thanks for your help!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

A.D. Willis photographer, Crawfordsville 1800s

These children are unidentified, but were received at the library with a bundle of other photos of the John H. and Cinderella (Balser) Smith Family and the Noah and Lenora (Susan/Sally Lewis) Fruits Family. The toddler (right photograph) appears to be the same child as the baby seated in the left photograph.

A.D. Willis was in business as early as 1870 in Crawfordsville (Ind.) possibly making these photographs over 140 years old.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Early 1900 manufacturing in Crawfordsville

Railroad (left) in the background and oven (right) for "baking"

This is possibly the Grimes Tile business, which was in Crawfordsville in at least 1922. The business would have been located near the railroad, but unfortunately neither picture has any information included.

Do you recognize any of the men?  Do you know the location/name of the business?
Call 362-2242 x 117 if you have any information.  Thanks.

Monday, November 10, 2014

1912 Crawfordsville Fish and Meat Market

William Sinkey ?, Fruits ?, Clarence Gilkey ?
The Central Fish and Meat Market of Sinkey and Gilkey is shown here and was located at 117 South Washington Street in Crawfordsville. Both of these men had been in business several years, but in 1912 they were in business together. William H. Sinkey (Mary Holloway) died in 1912, so the business name changed after this time. Sinkey had been in business in Crawfordsville for over 64 years and worked for or with O.W. Williams; Weil & Sons; T.E. Weil & Co., and Sinkey & Miller. Clarence Gilkey married Grace Fruits (daughter of Noah and Susan Lenora Lewis Fruits). The boy in the middle is possibly Grace's brother (son of Noah and Susan Fruits). 

If you have seen this photograph and have details, please advise the Reference Department at (765) 362-2242 x 117.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Early Montgomery County Theater

These photographs were received at the library.  It was thought these images were from New Richmond, but there is no prominent white stone decoration (circling the entire school, near the bottom window) like in the old New Richmond School.

Does anyone recognize any of the actors/actresses?
Is this possibly Waynetown?
Other photographs given at the same time as these contained family members from John H. and Cinderella Smith family and the Noah and Lenora (Susan/Sally) Fruits family.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Heroic Nurse Jolley "saves" Wabash from the influenza pandemic

Mary Elizabeth Jolley (front, 10th from left).  Miss (Sarah?) Brown possibly 8th from left.

Mary Elizabeth Jolley and Ms. Brown (probably Sarah who was a nurse at Culver Hosptial in the 1910 census) visited Mount Vernon in April of 1917 with several other nurses. One of these Montgomery County women is well known for her diligence. When six young men contracted high fevers on Monday, October 7, 1918 at the Crawfordsville college, campus fear crept through the ranks. Eleven more men were ill before the sun rose. One hundred twenty students had been ill, and the Phi Delta Theta Fraternity became the infirmary. Mary Elizabeth Jolley was the instrumental head nurse who also acquired influenza but remained steadfastly at her post to assist the ailing Wabash students. Sadly, Miss Ethel Newell had been sick with pneumonia and perished after assisting  Jolley, Miss May Huston, and Miss Edith Hunt. By October 24th the sickness was defeated and classes resumed.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Alamo (Ind.) Band

This photograph was recently donated to the library.  Unfortunately all of the men and the year are unidentified.  The drummer is possibly Grover Smith (?).  If anyone has any information about the Alamo (Ind.) band please contact the Reference Desk at the Crawfordsville Library (765) 362-2242 x 117.  The photograph was probably taken at Shades State Park.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

What is this now?

This is the Crawfordsville Bank, pictured December 5 of an unknown year. The staff area is visible in the photograph, with adding machines and equipment. The Crawfordsville Bank no longer exists..but where was this bank? Its location is still a popular spot! Even if you don't remember the bank, you probably remember being in this building at some time.You may visit it again soon. Do you know where you are? Hint: You may be able to see a well-known Crawfordsville monument if you peek through the front window.

Give up? Take a look at the photograph below. Can you see the vault at the back of the room? You may have been in there...after the bank closed. If you still have not guessed, look for the answer below. (These photographs were loaned to the library for digitization in June 2012 by Dave Allen.)

ANSWER: This location is currently  Allen's Country Kitchen on the corner of Washington Street and Main Street.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

St. Bernard's Catholic Church (inside photograph) in September of 1957

Inside of St. Bernard's (2nd) Church in September 1957
The original St. Bernard's Church was built on the northeast corner of Walnut Street and North Street. Father Edward O. Flaherty was the first resident pastor. Later, Edward P. Walters purchased ground from the Elston family for a cemetery (Calvary). Father Walters also initiated the purchase of land at the southeast corner of Pike and Washington to build a new church. On 17 September 1876 the Gothic style church was dedicated. A rectory was also built south of the church, and St. Charles Academy was built on East Pike Street under the Sisters of the Holy Cross. This building changed through the years due to two sections of the tower being removed. Henry F. Ward came to Crawfordsville in 1956, and the third Catholic Church (current building on East Main Street) was erected.

*This is the first inside photograph of the second church the library has ever seen.  If you have others please consider sharing with us by stopping by the second floor or calling  362-2242 x 117.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Do you know this family?

We like to identify all the items we store in our image collection -- but even some of the more "recent" photographs can remain unidentified. Can you help?

Here is a photograph of a family of five (two daughters and a son) that was taken in November 1987. The young boy would be at least 25 years old today. This photograph was donated by Frances Anderson, January 2008, but has never been described.

If you ever see any of our online items with missing or mistaken information, we would appreciate your help! Call us at 765-362-2242 ext 117 or e-mail:

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Browns Valley (Brownsvalley) School ... 1895 range

Donated by Isobel Arvin

This photo of a Browns Valley (Brownsvalley) School is approximately 1895. Nellie Galey Canine was born in 1890 and appears to be around age five or six. The slate has District No.-- written on it, but it is unclear what number is shown -- possibly No. 11. The back of the photograph lists names as: front row: Sally Penn Burroff, Ruth Goff, Opal Grimes. The second row: Cleo Miller, Margaret Durham Demaree, Cloa Miller Butter, Edith Wiltermood, Victor Graham, Glee Vice, Nellie Galey, Canine, Irene McIntire, Joe Williams, Clyde Buser. The third row: Ada Graham Hennings, Claude Durham, Eugene McIntyre, Bessie Penn, Guy Durham, Tom Durham, Flavia Lydick Bayless Burford, Blaine Graham, Aaron Graham, Ben Allen, Charley Miller. The fourth row: Salley Galey, Walter Penn, Fannie Allen {Clark Sights), Frank Johnson (teacher), Zona Graham (Goodwin), Mary Allen Seybold, Grace Penn, Gertie McIntyre.

Frank Johnson has a teaching examination record for 1889 in the Teacher Examination database (Johnson's home mailing address was Waveland in 1889). The Patton family owned land where the school house was in Section 21 of Brown Township, so it is possible this school was named after the family. In the Waveland history books, School #11 was not given a name, and plat maps only show S.H. (for school house).

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

October 22, 1910: Did Wabash Win?

Ralph Wilson was a Wabash football player who was fatally injured during a Wabash football game with St. Louis on October 22, 1910. The Wabash student newspaper, The Bachelor, reported on October 29 that Wilson was unconscious when he was transported back to the hotel where the team was staying but woke up, asking “Did Wabash win?”

You can read all about Wabash's football fatality in the book Hidden History of Montgomery County, written by CDPL staff Jodie Wilson, Rebecca McDole, and Emily Griffin (2012) -- and available in the library to borrow or purchase. Take a peek at the book in Google Books!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Wabash Graduate and World War I Veteran

Homer at Browns Valley in 1918
Homer M. Galey was born in Browns Valley (Brownsvalley) on May 19, 1895 to Fisher B. and Tassie Mathers Galey. Homer graduated from Waveland High School (1914) and was a 1918 Wabash College graduate. On June 5, 1917 Homer signed his WWI draft card. He was listed as a farmer working for H. Fullenwider of Waveland and was of medium build with blue eyes and light brown hair. He married Germaine M. LePederel on May 26, 1923 inWashington D.C. After the service, Galey worked for Monsanto Company as a chemist; he passed away in January 1977 (after living in Stuart, Florida) and is buried at Freedom Cemetery.

Notice in the photos Homer is wearing different-styled military hats.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Nellie Galey Canine ... 105 years of interesting

Brownsvalley School early 1900s
This photograph was recently donated to the Crawfordsville District Public Library.  Nell (Nellie) Galey Canine is in the white shirt right next to the teacher (mustache). All the other pupils are unknown. It is probable that the young man with the arrow is Joe (the back of the photograph says, "Joe's school [Patton]).  This school was located near Browns Valley.  If you can identify anyone please call 362-2242 x 117.

Nellie Galey Canine is pictured at the right bundled up at the Waveland Depot. Nell was born 27 October 1890 in Browns Valley to Fisher B. and Tassie Mathers Galey. In 1908 she graduated from Waveland High School and then attended Indiana University. On 9 April 1921 she married Joseph R. Canine in Washington D.C.  Mrs. Canine was the secretary for the Chief of the Children's Bureau in Department of Labor in Washington, a secretary for the Home Economics Department at Purdue University, and retired from Wabash College's Chemistry Department. Mrs. Canine also operated and owned the Weatherill Restaurant at Browns Valley (anyone have a picture of this restaurant?) and taught school at Browns Valley.  This interesting woman lived to be 105 years old (10 November 1995).

Monday, October 13, 2014

Norris Kelsey ... wonderful man!

Have you ever met one of those people who can always make you smile because he is just happy to grace the earth? Well, Norris Kelsey was one of those people!
Sept. 13, 1942 at Camp Edwards, Mass.
Norris moved to this county at the age of seven after his father passed away to live with Ottis and Mary Couger, and he graduated from New Market in 1940. Then he worked at RR Donnelley for two years and married Virginia Bannon in July 1942. He was drafted into the Army and took basic training at Camp Edwards, Massachusetts, and then trained at Camp Gordon with the 594 E.B.S.R. Engineer Boat and Shore Regiment, and then trained as 1st cook. In 1943 he transferred to 544th C.A.E.B.S.R. and went to New Guinea in the South Pacific before heading to the Philippines. Once he returned state-side he was recognized for his service. Farming, bus route,s and Raybestos rounded out his professional career. Norris kept busy with family, fun, and serving the Lord. Sadly, after 93 years, Norris Kelsey left this earth 11 March 2014.
Norris and Virginia (Bannon) Kelsey

Friday, October 10, 2014

Covered Bridge Festival...1958

The 58th Parke County Covered Bridge Festival this year is October 10-19. Many residents of Montgomery County look forward to this annual event -- and have for years. Although our Local History collection concentrates on our county's heritage, it is not unusual for us to have items of interest from surrounding areas! Here is a photograph of the Parke County Covered Bridge Festival in the Courthouse yard, Rockville, Indiana, October 1958.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Clark family, 1899

 Where will your family photos end up more than 100 years from now?

In 2010 we received a generous donation of photos taken of the Thomas S. Clark family. Just recently (in August 2014) we received another donation -- from a different source -- of Clark family photos. These groups of photographs had been separated over the years, but many were of the same individuals...and some photos were taken on the same day!

The two photographs above were taken in the Clark family home at 512 Whitlock Avenue in 1899. The top photo is from the 2010 donation; this photo had the names of those pictured written on back: back row (from left to right): Elizabeth "Lizzie" (Clark) Miller, Kate (Clark) Purdue, John Clark (of Kansas), Mary (Slattery) Clark, and John Clark; Front Row (from left to right): Rodney Abraham, Mayme Clark (most likely Mary Agatha (Shoemaker) Clark), Bessie (Clark) Daugherty, and Thomas S. Clark.

The bottom photograph is from the 2014 donation. It is nearly the same photo -- but some family members have moved. There is no inscription on this photograph, but based on the 2010 image we can identify the family members. Standing in back are Elizabeth "Lizzie" (Clark) Miller, Kate (Clark) Purdue. Seated behind the table are: Mary Agatha (Shoemaker) Clark, Mary (Slattery) Clark, John Clark. In front are Bessie (Clark) Daugherty and John Clark. An unidentified man (Patrick Clark?) with drink in hand stands in the background.

These photos were obviously taken the same day! So, more than a century after a family posed for pictures in a local home, these photographs have been reunited and are now together in the Crawfordsville District Public Library.

View all the photos in these two collections by searching for "Clark" in the folder field on our Image Database:

Saturday, October 4, 2014

93 years ago ... Waveland Football

1921 Football Team at WHS

The young men pictured are Front Row (left to right): Bob Long, Herb Kelso, Clif Myers, Pete Moser, Bill Records, Reid Canine
Middle Row (left to right): John Dietrich, Botts Miles, John Gilliland, Charles Ferrell, Jim Fullenwider, Archie Sprague, Hugh Moore
Top Row (left to right): J.D. Blacker, Lyle Tucker, Ted Moore, Glenn Stewart, T.W. Records

Bill Durham donated this photograph and it is noted by Mr. Durham ..."There's some confusion as to the identity of the person on the far left, second row.  The front indicates my father, William Harold Durham, but the back shows someone else.  It looks like it could be my father.  He was born 1904-12-07."

If you know more about any of these men, 
please contact the Reference Department
at 362-2242 x117.  

Thursday, October 2, 2014

A corner in Crawfordsville that you know!

You have probably passed this corner in Crawfordsville many times. Do you know where it is and what is there now? Take a look at these three photos from different time periods and see if you recognize where you are....

 c. 1865

 c. 1899

c. 1909

So what do you think? The photograph taken in 1899 (which we just received as a donation, by the way!) may give you the best clue. Here is what that corner looks like today:

c. 2014

This spot is the NE corner of Green and Main streets, the Canine Plaza. The Crawford Hotel occupied this corner from 1900 to 1975, covering up the Tafel Beer advertisement for three-quarters of a century (the brick-painting advertisement was eventually restored in recent years).

So next time you are around the Canine Plaza, remember what that corner used to be!

We enjoy very much our role as conservators of your county's heritage. We already have an expansive selection of documents and continue to accumulate pieces of history. Think about what you or others may have that can be shared! Contact us anytime ( or 765-362-2242 ext 117).