Monday, October 6, 2014

Clark family, 1899

 Where will your family photos end up more than 100 years from now?

In 2010 we received a generous donation of photos taken of the Thomas S. Clark family. Just recently (in August 2014) we received another donation -- from a different source -- of Clark family photos. These groups of photographs had been separated over the years, but many were of the same individuals...and some photos were taken on the same day!

The two photographs above were taken in the Clark family home at 512 Whitlock Avenue in 1899. The top photo is from the 2010 donation; this photo had the names of those pictured written on back: back row (from left to right): Elizabeth "Lizzie" (Clark) Miller, Kate (Clark) Purdue, John Clark (of Kansas), Mary (Slattery) Clark, and John Clark; Front Row (from left to right): Rodney Abraham, Mayme Clark (most likely Mary Agatha (Shoemaker) Clark), Bessie (Clark) Daugherty, and Thomas S. Clark.

The bottom photograph is from the 2014 donation. It is nearly the same photo -- but some family members have moved. There is no inscription on this photograph, but based on the 2010 image we can identify the family members. Standing in back are Elizabeth "Lizzie" (Clark) Miller, Kate (Clark) Purdue. Seated behind the table are: Mary Agatha (Shoemaker) Clark, Mary (Slattery) Clark, John Clark. In front are Bessie (Clark) Daugherty and John Clark. An unidentified man (Patrick Clark?) with drink in hand stands in the background.

These photos were obviously taken the same day! So, more than a century after a family posed for pictures in a local home, these photographs have been reunited and are now together in the Crawfordsville District Public Library.

View all the photos in these two collections by searching for "Clark" in the folder field on our Image Database:

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