Thursday, October 2, 2014

A corner in Crawfordsville that you know!

You have probably passed this corner in Crawfordsville many times. Do you know where it is and what is there now? Take a look at these three photos from different time periods and see if you recognize where you are....

 c. 1865

 c. 1899

c. 1909

So what do you think? The photograph taken in 1899 (which we just received as a donation, by the way!) may give you the best clue. Here is what that corner looks like today:

c. 2014

This spot is the NE corner of Green and Main streets, the Canine Plaza. The Crawford Hotel occupied this corner from 1900 to 1975, covering up the Tafel Beer advertisement for three-quarters of a century (the brick-painting advertisement was eventually restored in recent years).

So next time you are around the Canine Plaza, remember what that corner used to be!

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