Monday, October 13, 2014

Norris Kelsey ... wonderful man!

Have you ever met one of those people who can always make you smile because he is just happy to grace the earth? Well, Norris Kelsey was one of those people!
Sept. 13, 1942 at Camp Edwards, Mass.
Norris moved to this county at the age of seven after his father passed away to live with Ottis and Mary Couger, and he graduated from New Market in 1940. Then he worked at RR Donnelley for two years and married Virginia Bannon in July 1942. He was drafted into the Army and took basic training at Camp Edwards, Massachusetts, and then trained at Camp Gordon with the 594 E.B.S.R. Engineer Boat and Shore Regiment, and then trained as 1st cook. In 1943 he transferred to 544th C.A.E.B.S.R. and went to New Guinea in the South Pacific before heading to the Philippines. Once he returned state-side he was recognized for his service. Farming, bus route,s and Raybestos rounded out his professional career. Norris kept busy with family, fun, and serving the Lord. Sadly, after 93 years, Norris Kelsey left this earth 11 March 2014.
Norris and Virginia (Bannon) Kelsey

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