Friday, December 12, 2014

Horseshoe Henry

Notice the horse mural and ad about "track shoe-ing."
"Horseshoe Henry" Coolman was in business on Market Street in Crawfordsville as a blacksmith and horse-shoer for over thirty years.  This is his building in 1903.  Mr. Coolman was known for his "track shoe-ing" and was sought after by men from far away for his stellar work.  Five to eight men were always employed by "Horseshoe Henry."  Mr. Coolman lived to be 69 years old and built his shop with his own plans - the shop was said to be the "model of the country."  In 1891 there were 11 horse-shoers and blacksmiths in the Crawfordsville city directory.  Ten of those businesses were within three blocks of the court house.

10 Horse-shoers were in business in 1891 within 3 blocks of court house

  1. Henry Coolman (E. Market)
  2. A.H. Davis (W. Market)
  3. Jerre Donahue (Lafayette Pike/Ave.)
  4. H.C. Foeman (E. Main)
  5. J.S. Francis (Lafayette Pike/Ave.)
  6. Gerard & Bloss (E. Jefferson)
  7. Hiatt & Peek (E. Wabash Ave.)
  8. Ramsey & Pattison (S. Green)
  9. L.H. Shular & Son (E. Pike)
  10. Chas. E. Smith (W. Pike)
  11. Jacob Sprow (E. Wabash Ave.)

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