Saturday, December 20, 2014

Roscoe A. Patterson's dog tags return home

Recently, Michael Toussaint discovered this dog tag in France.  Once the dog tag was found Rita Drake contacted the Crawfordsville Library and then searched for surviving family.  She was able to contact a great great niece, Lynn Craig.  Craig and her brother decided the dog tag should be returned to Crawfordsville.  The dog tags of this brave soldier will now be kept in the archive and preserved for future generations to also remember the man who gave his life to help others.  Roscoe A. Patterson, a Crawfordsville resident, served on the front lines in WWI (beginning in the summer of 1917) in the First Division and suffered severe lung damage from poisonous gas.  Mr. Patterson returned to Montgomery County by 1919 and was a beloved member of the community.  Roscoe was well known for his magical singing voice, but the war took a huge toll on his body and he passed in November of 1923 (at the Government Hospital in Dayton, OH) at the age of 42.  Mr. Patterson was also a member of the Masons, Elks and Legion Post. 

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