Sunday, November 2, 2014

What is this now?

This is the Crawfordsville Bank, pictured December 5 of an unknown year. The staff area is visible in the photograph, with adding machines and equipment. The Crawfordsville Bank no longer exists..but where was this bank? Its location is still a popular spot! Even if you don't remember the bank, you probably remember being in this building at some time.You may visit it again soon. Do you know where you are? Hint: You may be able to see a well-known Crawfordsville monument if you peek through the front window.

Give up? Take a look at the photograph below. Can you see the vault at the back of the room? You may have been in there...after the bank closed. If you still have not guessed, look for the answer below. (These photographs were loaned to the library for digitization in June 2012 by Dave Allen.)

ANSWER: This location is currently  Allen's Country Kitchen on the corner of Washington Street and Main Street.

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