Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Haines-Thompson Milling Company

Haines-Thompson was in business at least 1922-1934
 The Haines-Thompson Milling Company (which made flour) was located at the corner ("point") of Lafayette Avenue and Market Street.

Burt Haines was born in February 1893 near Wingate and graduated from CHS in 1911. He later married Lala Luster in May 1917 after he had served in WWI. Haines was an active member with Lodge No. 50 F.and A.M., American Legion, and First Christian Church.  He was the manager of the Haines-Thompson Milling Company for several years, but his health failed when he was still young, and he passed away at age 43.

Haines' partner, Leo L. Thompson, was born in 1887 near Ladoga. He married Pearl Reynolds in 1911. Thompson passed away in 1957.

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