Friday, August 29, 2014

Y.M.C.A. statistics from December 1890 in Crawfordsville

This Y.M.C.A. building held a tremendous amount of Crawfordsville and Indiana basketball history.  Recently, an article was found in the Crawfordsville Weekly Journal telling the statistics of visitors to the local Y.M.C.A. for the week ending December 27, 1890. There were 644 visitors with a daily average of 107. Almost 200 people visited the reading room (we would love to have a picture of that). The parlors and amusements room was slightly less with 139 attendees.  Only 45 people utilized the gymnasium, but there were three gymnasium classes offered. Eight-seven baths were taken, with a daily average of 14.  It is surprising to hear of all the amenities found in this building.

This building was erected in 1888 and was located where the current PNC building is located. There is a plaque at this site commemorating the location of the first indoor basketball game played in the state of Indiana. 

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