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Letter addressed to Mary Catherine Naylor -- August 9, 1834

We often come across documents that are of great interest for those who want to understand life in the early 19th century. This letter was addressed to local resident Mary Catherine Anderson (married to Isaac Naylor). Her sister, Lydia Jane (Anderson) Merrill wrote the letter on August 9, 1834 from Indianapolis.

Read the entire letter (.pdf)

My Dear Sister, It is a long time since I have heard from you I wrote to you by Franklin Merrill the particulars of my dear babes death, have not heard wether you received the letter or not I expect you in before this time Mr. Merrill has been at home two weeks his return has cheered us up a good ell If I could see Jane I would be made up she is at her GranFathers in Peacham Vermont I received a letter a few days ago she is well pleased and would be well contented if we [missing text] rite often to her, her last letter was dated July 14 and had not heard of her Sisters death she sed she had not heard a word from home except a letter that was written three days after she left we have written five letters to her I think some of them will get thare. Poor girl she little thought when a letter should come would bring her such afflicting news I never saw a sister so rapt up [missing text] as she was with Elizabeth I believe I mentioned it to you that she had joined the Presbeterian church a month before she left home  I want to tell you a good many things but am tired and sleepy do wright to William I don’t know what he will think of me give my love to him and my new sister give him som good advise he don’t say anything about religion or churches I would like to see him very much thare has been a good ell of sickness in this place among children perty much Mrs. Ruten is recovering how has Dorothy got right and tell me all you now or if you don’t come and see us we don’t look very stylish at present it is thought that the bank will goe into operation in November but not certain Jane went to Morristown and spent a week thare very pleasantly saw Mr. Bush Mr. Merrill saw the house in New York that we lived in and the grave yard that P[missing text]lays in but saw non of our relations had now time [missing text] I have done all the work for a long tho a good ell goes undon I have two boys that help us considerable tell Sara Jane I want to see her and Elizabeth we have a terable time picking woll have but little and that is hardly worth picking

Good Night

I remain your affectionate

Sister Jane

Mr. Palmer’s family are very pleasant

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