Monday, August 18, 2014

Vaughan & Casey

Vaughan & Casey building (1898 time frame)

Montgomery County Fairgrounds

In 1894 Crawfordsville housed a bottling works plant at 214 North Green Street. P.J. Vaughan and P.F. Casey operated the establishment as Vaughan & Casey. V & C manufactured and bottled soda water, ginger ale, and carbonated drinks. Casey was born in 1856 in Crawfordsville and was in the brick manufacturing business with his brother prior to partnering with Vaughan. P.J. Vaughan was also engaged in the coal business and was born in Lafayette (1858). Vaughan lived in Tippecanoe County until coming to Crawfordsville before the turn of the century. Vaughan was a three-term president of the Indiana State Bottler's Association.

This photo was taken at the Montgomery County Fairgrounds in the early 1900s. The advertisement in front of the horses is for Vaughan & Casey Coal.

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