Friday, August 15, 2014

Crawfordsville Police Department: August 16, 1945

Today's Crawfordsville Police Department is made up of at least 30 officers. Back in the 1940s, however, that number was much less. Here are the men in the Crawfordsville Police Department in a photo taken on August 16, 1945.

Top row (left to right): Leslie Shelton, Lester Johnson, Wilbur Decker, Edgar Zachary, Ralph Haffa (or Hoffa), Howard Conner, Ralph Linn, Robert Durber.

Middle row: Edwin Sommer, Theron Beeson, Thomas L. Cooksey [Mayor of Crawfordsville], Raymond Kostanzer, Clark D. Jones [Clerk and Treasurer].

Bottom row: Paul Branagin, Charles Johnson, Fred Grimes, Fred Cunningham, William Hugh Zachary.

Compare the August 1945 force with that of August 2014 Crawfordsville Police Department

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