Sunday, August 24, 2014

"Buddy" Fire dog (? -- August 25, 1904)

In our collection is found an unusual photograph of a dog posed on a stool. On back of the photo is written:

"Buddy" Fire dog -- Always got on the truck in Crawfordsville. Taken in the late 1800's." 

Some research by CDPL staff member Rebecca McDole uncovered the reason why this little dog was so honored.

Of the dog, page 1 of the Sunday Star on August 27, 1904 said: "The little black dog, called 'Buddy' and owned by Harry Swan, and which was always on hand when the fire bell rang, is dead. It made no difference where the dog was, he would go when the bell rang. If he was shut up in the house, he would race around, barking and awaking the people, so he could go to the fire. On Thursday evening, when the bell sounded the dog was up near the school house, and started towards the engine house. He met the team at Pike street, and in trying to turn around got under one of the horses and received a kick which caused his death. He would jump upon every dog which happened to be on the street as he was going to a fire, and he was almost the same as an attachment to the fire wagon. The fire boys are very sad over the death, and gave him a burial worthy of his place in life."

You can read more about Buddy in Hidden History of Montgomery County (History Press) by Jodie Steelman Wilson, Emily Griffin Winfrey, and Rebecca McDole. Check this book our from the library...or buy a copy at the Circulation Desk!

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