Wednesday, August 27, 2014

H.R. Tinsley, business man

121-123 South Washington Street, Crawfordsville
Eagle Pencil Company Advertisement, sold at Tinsley's store
H.R. Tinsley was born in Ireland in 1842, came to America in 1851, and served in the Civil War in the 75th division at Xenia, Ohio. In 1866 he called Crawfordsville his home and embarked on a new journey -- becoming a clerk in the general store of Campbell, Galey and Harter. After two years, H.R. and Paxton Campbell (Henry Campbell's* son) purchased the hardware department of the store and located it on Main Street. After five years in business, Paxton Campbell was accidentally killed by a train while on a business trip in Buffalo, N.Y. In a 1905 survey, Tinsley was listed as one of the wealthiest persons residing in Montgomery County. Those listed were valued at having at least $50,000. Because of his declining health, Tinsley turned his business over to his sons (Campbell, John, and Robert) in 1925; he passed away in September 1926.

* Henry Campbell is a local Civil War soldier; the library has a copy of his Civil War Diary.

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