Monday, February 10, 2014

Acquiring Amazing Attic Antiquities: 1913 Canine Family Reunion Photograph

Recently an amazing panoramic photograph was brought to the Local History Department. This 101 year old photograph was taken by Rettinger (Darlington) and is of the Canine and Linn families.  Maude May Canine (age 22) married William T. Linn (age 29, farmer) in 1896. The photograph was then in Ernest E. Linn's possession.  Next, came Raymond G. Linn and then Jeffrey Linn. Union Church (2 miles North of Waveland) was the location for the reunion which had been customary the few prior years.  It was recorded that 200 members of the family were present. According to the Crawfordsville Daily Journal the officers elected for the following year were Jesse W. Canine (president), Charley Canine (vice), Ida Badgley (secretary) and Ben Canine as treasurer. Rev. John M. Cauldwell made an inspiring talk in the afternoon and there was some very satisfying music. Notice the car from Arkansas and that it is August (even the dog is panting due to the heat). The family decided to hold the next reunion the second week in September in the "hope of more propitious weather conditions."

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