Tuesday, June 24, 2014

From a marriage long ago...

How would a mention of your wedding show up in someone's database more than 150 years after the event?

In 2011 Gary Stellern loaned us a daguerreotype to digitize. The woman posed in this daguerreotype is Elizabeth Reynolds Gary, who married John W. Gary on June 24, 1851. She lived in Rising Sun, Indiana from 1857-1901. She was the mother of Wabash graduate Hugh T. Gary, who married Evangeline Binford of Crawfordsville in 1895. Mr. Stellern is the great-grandson of Elizabeth Reynolds Gary...and that's how we know about the marriage -- and how we can share this very old image with the world, thanks to the generosity of this loan. Remember that you can loan us items to digitize if you can't donate them. Just ask us!

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