Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Moose Lodge holds Queen contest

There were 17 young ladies vying for the Queen title in June of 1914. The Moose Lodge held a gigantic event during their Jubilee Week, including a circus with 18 acts by the K. G. Barkoot Company.
*As of  June 6, 1914 these were the standings of the participants in the contest.

 1. Miss Sue Simpson
 2. Miss Nannie Cook
Miss Sue Simpson, finished 5th
CHS graduate
Member of Trinity United Methodist
Saleslady & Bookkeeper
in the 1930s & 1940s
 3. Miss Violet Ellis
 4. Miss Mary Williams
 5. Miss Iva Michael
 6. Miss Iola Alward
 7. Miss Esther Masner
 8. Miss Vivian Schrader
 9. Miss Elnor Northcutt
10. Miss Eula Ramsey
11. Miss Hazel Carver
12. Miss Mary Bastion
13. Miss Gladys Hedge
14. Miss Verbie Gordon
15. Miss Erlies Kyle
16. Miss Sarah Widener
17. Miss Blanche Wisehart

On June 13, 1914 the voting closed and
Miss Iola Alward claimed the $100 diamond ring
awarded to the winner. The Crawfordsville Daily
Journal said, "Miss Alward proved successful
in leaving all of the other contestants far in the
rear. The diligent work of her many friends
was responsible for her success."

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