Monday, June 2, 2014

Crawfordsville boys in WWI

US Marines, 96th Company, 6th Regiment Survivors photograph, taken in Germany sometime between May and July 1919. These are the survivors of the original company. This company was involved in the taking of Bouresches, France, on June 6, 1918. The 96th company included approximately 224 men, but by the time they had made their way to Bouresches, all but 21 were dead. In Bouresches, these few men drove back a German Machine Gun Company of 250 men, and took the town. This amazing feat is considered by some to be a turning point of World War 1. Troy Davis of Crawfordsville stands in the back row, seventh from the left. Noyes Moore is in the middle row, kneeling, third from the left. Davis was gassed June 14, 1918 at Belleau Wood, but survived.

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