Monday, June 16, 2014

Cummings Automobile Company

Cummings Automobile Company
115 East Pike Street, c. 1914
In April we received a donation of a few photographs from Randy Cummings, showing his grandfather's (Forest Cummings) automobile company on 115 East Pike Street in 1914. We blogged it, of course! This donation included the first view we have seen of Pike Street at that time, with St. Bernard's church in the background.

Mr. Cummings has discovered a few more photographs, including the interior of this company with rows of Model T cars parked along each wall. Note the sign that gives the prices of day storage (25 cents) and night storage (50 cents). But don't be deceived by those seemingly inexpensive charges. According to today's money value, 50 cents would be about $10. To get a tire filled would cost you 5 cents (about $1 today). Owning and maintaining a car has always been expensive!

We appreciate this and all donations, big and small, to our collection because our mission is to preserve our county's heritage. The generosity of donors helps us to build the collection and to share it with you.

You can view the entireCummings donation -- which includes how the dealership looked when it moved to East Market Street after 1916.

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