Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Yountsville Bridge construction in the 1940s

The original Yountsville Bridge (or at least the original bridge there is record of) was built in 1858 by Henry (and/or Aaron) Wolff and was considered a burr, double tunnel bridge. It was one of the highest ever built and reached 40 feet above the creek bed. 
Original covered bridge

Two hundred thirty-five people paid $3,635.50 to cover the cost. This structure was over 160 feet long (plus 11 feet of overhang on each end). For 87 years this covered bridge carried passengers to and from Yountsville. By the 1940s it was apparent this piece of history would need to make way for a more solid structure.

Below is the bridge being built in the 1940s.  Notice the men on the bridge and the scaffolding being raised. Ironically, in 1979 extensive repairs were made to ensure the safety of this structure.
This structure cost $246,364.50 more than the covered bridge.

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