Monday, July 21, 2014

2579th Company CCC Camp, SCS-3, Waveland in 1937

If you have never heard of the CCC or Civilian Conservation Corps, it is an interesting piece of America's History.  In March1937 this photograph was taken at Shades State Park near Waveland, Indiana. These men were employed to assist in projects to beautify and better the surroundings. During the New Deal the CCC employed unmarried men, ages 18-25, during 1933-1942 as a public work relief program.  Three billion trees were planted, 800 parks constructed, public roadways built in remote areas, service buildings erected, and State Parks were upgraded. Thus, when you visit Shades State Park, think of these men who likely helped blaze a trail, secure a ravine, or dig a pond.
The men at Shades on March 11, 1937

The Image Database contains the pictures related to the CCC and lists the men at the camp during this time.
The Recreation Hall.  Photographs donated by Angie Jeffers.

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