Friday, July 25, 2014

July 26-27, 1958: the record-setting Malcolm Ross

Commander Malcolm D. Ross is being awarded his first Distinguished Flying Cross (he was awarded two) in this photograph. The following is the caption on the back of the photograph: "Naval Balloonist Commander Ross Receives Distinguished Flying Cross -- Commander Malcolm D. Ross USNR naval balloon pilot receives the Distinguished Flying Cross from James H. Wakelin, Assistant Secretary of the Navy for research and development. Mrs. Ross, the commander's wife, and daughter Jane witnessed the August 25 ceremony. The citation was awarded "For extraordinary achievement in aerial flight as command pilot of a two man navy balloon and gondola during a daring an hazardous ascent into the upper stratosphere on 26-27 July 1958. In addition to setting a new unofficial world endurance record for sustained flight into the stratosphere of thirty-four hours and thirty-nine minutes, he also successfully completed approximately twenty-seven other scientific experiments conducted aloft as a scheduled part of the flight. Attracting widespread public attention and acclaim. By his outstanding professional skill, courage and inspiring efforts, Commander Ross made a highly significant contribution to man's scientific conquest of space." This Official U.S. Navy Photo was donated to the library by Marjorie Ross, Malcolm Ross' widow, November 2010. This photograph is in a set with p168-962 to 977.

Malcolm Ross graduated from Linden High School in1936.

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