Monday, July 28, 2014

Shaver's Hatchery

Noel Shaver raised turkeys and chickens and piloted his own plane to deliver these animals. When Shaver decided to build a new structure (after 19 years in unpretentious quarters) he chose the lot at the corner of Market and Walnut (in 2014 this building serves as the NAPA store). Shaver held the conviction that absolute honesty is a prime necessity and that his advertisement had to be completely truthful! His integrity kept clients returning for years. On May 18, 1949 Shaver read a statement before the Committee on Agriculture House of Representatives in Washington, D.C. as the President of International Baby Chick Association with the theme of building a Utopia for the American farmer is an impossible goal. Shaver worked endlessly to create the perfect environment for the baby chicks and turkeys.

The building in the process of construction

Shaver Hatchery 22 November 1946 on opening day
Horace Mann School can be seen in the background.  In the completed building picture you can see the Consoer's Standard Service Gas Station at the corner of Walnut and Market.  This link will take you to the library Image database.  Here you can search for more Shaver's Hatchery photographs.

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