Friday, May 9, 2014

Waynetown ... 1880s school

If anyone has this photograph with others identified please
call the Reference and Local History Department 362-2242 x 117.
This school building was in the Waynetown area in the 1880s. Fred S. Remley is the only one identified (back row center, with arrow). Notice how uncomfortable (and hot) this clothing surely was while trying to learn.

Fred S. Remley married Nellie A. Brown in November 1894 and was a farmer in Wayne Township.

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  1. Amelia, Sarah, and Hester Widener may be there. The 1880 census identifies them as school teachers in their 20's. Browsing the in-town pages for Waynetown in the 1880 US Census, I found the following potential high school scholars:
    Waynetown 1880's scholars 14+ living "in the town of Waynetown"
    Jerome Bunnell 14; Moses Scannel 14; Annie 16 and Harrison Darnald, 14; Julia and Albertie Pierce, both 14; Lula Lenox, 14; Mollie Tucker, 15; Jennie 16 and Frank Sumner 18; Charles Berry, 17; Claracy Zuck, 14; Elmer Chambers, 14; Dora Miller 16; Lizzie Taylor 15; William Gray 16;
    Total 16, of whom half were age 14! Birth boom post Civil War?