Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Alamo Christian Church ... many changes

"Early" Alamo Christian Church
The Reference & Local History Department recently received this image of the Alamo Christian Church. Four names of children were written on the back of the photograph: Annie Titus, Cyrus Titus, Elbert Gillis, and Anna F. Titus. Unfortunately, it is unclear which children these four are in the picture. There was not a year written on the image, but, in the 1880 census, Gillis was 15, Anna F. Titus would have been 6, and Cyrus Titus was 10. This picture was likely taken around the 1880.

The more recent photo of the Alamo church below shows an addition, as well as another change to the entrance and bell tower -- but, notice the back portion;  it is the same church as the original two.

The Alamo Church in later years, view looking North

Alamo Church, 1970s

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