Monday, May 12, 2014

1913 CHS Athenian Athletes: C-Men

Top row, left to right: Meadows, Gould, Gray, Hunt, Wilson,
Slattery, Greene, Grimes, Coach Clascock.
Bottom row: McAlevy, Rudy, Shaw, Jones, Clements, Nicholson.
1913 was the first year the C-Men were shown in a CHS yearbook for "earning" a letter.  But, before these men could earn such honors, athletics took an overhaul!

In 1899 there was no High School Athletic Association. Since there were "no rules," athletes were "brought in" to gain the most wins/honors for a school. At this time, it was noticed that athletics was "in a precarious condition." According to the 1904 Athenian (Crawfordsville High School Yearbook), the mistakes were recognized, and a brighter future was desired. It is noted that "the first days of the Association were trying ones, but by the faithful, hard work of the officers in charge, the storm was withstood and from that time on, there has been an improvement."

The yearbook mentioned that every student should take an active interest in some branch of athletics because it teaches prompt action, obedience, and self-control. It is also noted that "brain is as great a necessity in the make-up of a team, as brawn."

Officers listed for the Association in 1904 were:
  • President Pierce
  • Vice-president Johnson
  • Secretary Jennison
  • Treasurer Shephard

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