Thursday, May 29, 2014

Crawfordsville barber 1920s until the 1950s

Herman LeRoy Douglas masterminded a great way to get his business noticed -- he advertised his business on a comb. This is rather clever considering he was a barber. Herman was born to William H. (farmer) and Laura Bean in August of 1901. H.L. Douglas was listed in the Crawfordsville City Directories from 1928-1958 as a barber. His business was located at 132 E. Market Street. When he began his career he lived at the Hotel Ramsey and later resided on Elston Avenue. Mr. Douglas married Mable Marie Lewellen. Mable was the daughter of Thomas (coal dealer) and Francis Moon Lewellen and was born in September 1904. Herman and Mable married in February of 1925. Mr. Douglas died in June of 1959.

Great advertisement!
This item was recently donated to the library and will find a permanent home in the library's Carnegie Museum of Montgomery County! We appreciate all such donations and will always strive to protect the county's history and heritage.

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