Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Schuyler saves Miss Wilson from Sugar Creek

A narrow escape occurred in Sugar Creek in August of 1883. Miss Nannie Wilson, 15, fell into Sugar Creek while camping with friends. Mr. Schuyler Kennedy (age 23) heard the screams of her friends and saw Ms. Wilson barely visible bobbing in the water. If not for her clothing pooling about her, she would have died. Kennedy's quick thinking by diving into the water and pulling her to shore made him a hero! Web Talbot and Edward Parker also helped rescue the young lady. In future years, Schuyler became an attorney, was partner with his brother Dumont (who also became a Crawfordsville Mayor), and passed away in 1917.

At Schuyler Kennedy's Picnic Club 23 September 1898.  Kennedy is in the background (in dark suit).

Row 1: Laura Kennedy, Louise Keegan, Mame (Mary Elizabeth) Kennedy, Carrie Krout, Emily Kennedy, Nellie Brown
Row 2: Mrs. Peter S. Kennedy, Bettie Kennedy, Mrs. T.D. Brown, Roberta Krout, Mrs. Jane Keeney
Row 3 Standing: Mrs. Jonathan L. Pursel, Mrs. Keegan, S. C. (Schuyler) Kennedy, and Matie Kenney

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