Monday, March 10, 2014

Bantz Drug Store

The Bantz Drug Store was at 211 East Main Street but later moved to Washington Street. In the 1963 City Directory there is a Jas A (Martha), Jas (Christine), and Jas C (June) all listed under Bantz. According to the information received, the gentleman in the photo is the James (behind the counter) who was married to June. Jimmy Parsons is the young man leaning on the counter. Further research shows Bantz in business by 1949 and well into the 1960s.
Appears to be cigarettes over Irene Grabman's head

Notice the first-aid supplies and presumably "spirits"
on back wall


  1. Worked at Bantz Drug Store behind the soda fountain in the summer of 1956 before going to college. It was on east Main, almost across from the Bank Cigar store and the Snappy Sanwich Shop.

    1. Joyce, thanks so much for sharing. This is the type of information we love to receive at the library! Never heard of the Snappy Sandwich Shop ;)