Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Crawfordsville's College Street Fire Station

This is the first motorized apparatus in city.  It was an American LaFrance engine.
The College Street Fire Station (Fire Co. No. 2) is pictured here. Per the 1917-1919 Crawfordsville City Guide the men are likely: chauffeur, F.L. (Frank) Esra; O.E. (Oscar) Farrow, captain (seated with chauffeur). Farrow's family donated the photograph; thus, he is the only confirmed person. The City Guide also lists two men as firefighters: Thomas Devitt and William Kelly. The only time frame Farrow is listed as a member of Fire Co. No. 2 is in 1917-1919. In the 1922 City Guide the College Street address is given as 909 E. College with an entirely different crew.  {Per information from Eric Frye [Crawfordsville Fire Department, 2014], Jesse Moore, Frank Holland and John Dickerson are likely the 3 men besides Farrow and Esra in the photograph}  It is also known that in June of 1917 the men were often moved between the two stations.

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  1. I see an Esra in the company. It's a Crawfordsville name.