Monday, December 16, 2013

Wilkinson family ... fascinating fence invention

An interesting picture "showed" itself recently.  On the back of a photo (from 1897 or 1898) it states, "Decature - Daddy invented the machine to weave wire fence kabled hex curve wire."  He is shown here with Ina Wilkinson, Sylvia M. Wilkinson, Uncle Joe and Asher Wert.  Mr. Wilkinson celebrated his 50th wedding anniversary with Emma P. Thompson Wilkinson in 1926 and was also a member of the Odd Fellows Lodge at Alamo and the Christian Church.  The Wilkinson family lived at the junction of SR 25/32 (home below) or at the time known as Perrysville Road & Alamo-Waynetown Road.  This area was also called Myers Corner and the Ridge Farm School would have been located near their home.
Decatur - Daddy Wilkinson passed in May of 1927.

Pictured here; Fred A. Wilkinson, Emma P. (Thompson) Wilkinson,
Sylvia M. Wilkinson, Ina Wilkinson and Decatur Wilkinson 

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