Monday, December 30, 2013

Colonel "loses privy" while training Wabash Cadets

Colonel Henry B. (BeeBee) Carrington worked at Wabash College as the Professor of Military Science from 1869-1878 and took this position very seriously.  Since there weren't horses available to the student cadets, Carrington required the young men to be the "horses" by pulling the artillery field-piece.  Wabash cadets didn't appreciate the endless hours of training (most were opposed to war), and the conditions of the privy (which was nicknamed "Little Egypt").  Thus, measures were taken and a new target was encountered.  It is said, "Little Egypt was spread in fragments scattered half-way to Yountsville and the field-piece was destroyed."  Immediately, President Joseph F. Tuttle abandoned military training on the campus.  Carrington remained to teach mathematics, but, his heart enjoyed instructing America's youth in military tactics and left at the end of the academic year.

Crawfordsville's City Hall, designed by Carrington in 1872 cost $9,000.  This building housed the court rooms, fire department hall, engine rooms and the city prison.  Carrington also re-designed South Hall in 1876 on the Wabash College campus.

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