Friday, December 13, 2013

Shady Nook School Reunion ... 1923

Shady Nook School was located at Tinkersville.  For those of you who have never heard of Tinkersville, it is where the neighborhood "tinker-er" lived.  It is said there was a Tinkersville in almost all areas.  But this particular one is in Section 21 of South Union Township at the intersection of 300 S/Ladoga Road and had several businesses including a blacksmith, grocery, sawmill, tile factory and wood shop.  Issac N. Martin donated the land for the school on 6 March 1857.  On the 1891 plat map, Ladoga Road was named Danville Road and shows the school in the northeast corner of Martin's property closer to Road 200 East.  Other nearby property owners, and probably families of the children attending the school, are surnamed Baker, Byrd, Chesterson, McCormick, Hutchinson, and Wilkinson.
9 September 1923 Shady Nook Reunion

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