Monday, December 23, 2013

Magical Music Moments in Montgomery County via Flora Leontine Rogers

Flora Leontine Rogers was the music director at Crawfordsville city schools for 7 years during the 1920's.  This woman was able to increase the number of band students from 5 to 62 in just one year.  In 1925 the Girls Glee Club took first place in the state contest and the boys earned second.  The 1929 CHS yearbook stated, "Miss Flora Rogers drives the chariot, and drives it well.  As the years have rolled by she has added fine prancing steeds, such as the Band and Orchestra to her already prize-winning team.  Three cheers for Miss Rogers!"
Now, you have to be talented and well-liked to receive a write up this praiseworthy!  It is quite impressive the awards and number of pupils involved with Ms. Rogers musical endeavors.  Flora called Oklahoma home after she left Indiana and passed away there in 1965 at 86 years of age.

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