Monday, January 19, 2015

Remley gun received

The story of this antique gun is VERY entertaining!  Sarah McCain Remley utilized this relic to kill the chicken thief at her Country Club home.  Sarah, old John Remley's wife, heard a commotion in the chicken coop one night.  She grabbed the gun, ran outside and fired toward the coop.  The next morning she found a dead Indian in the chicken coop (1840 time frame).  As for the gun itself, the only identifying mark not rusted away is the word "Scott" on the left side plate.  Thus, it is a W.C. Scott Ltd of Birmingham, England (one of the cheaper models).  Relative, David Remley wrote this information for the library and donated the weapon.  Mr. Remley also mentioned the number of repairs on the stock, indicating the hard use of this piece.  The elaborate repair made with two brass plates set into the walnut, then screwed into place was undoubtedly done by a local gunsmith.

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