Thursday, January 15, 2015

1872 livery news

An article in the 30 May 1872 Crawfordsville Weekly Journal discusses four livery stables.  "Last Sunday was a good day for livery keepers, all the stables being tested to their fullest capacity.  The Sunday livery business of Crawfordsville has got to be quite an item averaging some $200 every Sunday in the year.  Such days as last Sunday it of course far exceeds that amount.  The four livery stables in town can now turn out some 60 vehicles, of which 10 are carriages, 25 pole buggies and 25 single buggies.  A May meeting, a Thorntown picnic or a Baptist association makes a demand for all of these, besides the large number of carriages buggies and spring wagons owned by private persons."
Ad from 1878 city guide

This advertisement is in the 1878 Crawfordsville city guide.  Unfortunately, the library does not possess an 1872 guide, so it is unclear if Smith was one of the owners in 1872, but there are four men in business in 1878 (possibly the same four).  The others at least in business six years after the advertisement were: Warren Davis, J.J. Insley, Jas. P. Walter & Newton L.Thompson (Walter & Thompson) and Howard W. Smith.  Smith married Laura Hall and passed in April of 1915 (Oak Hill - Union).

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