Monday, April 14, 2014

Manson Brothers Provisions

Mahlon F. (Fred) Manson, in vest,
and Uncle Arthur H. Manson in doorway

Mahlon F. (Fred) Manson and his brother William Nelson Manson operated the Manson Brothers Provisions (grocery) store. The store was in more than one location, at one time being on the SE corner of Green and Market. The store was noted for providing "fancy" (anything canned) groceries. Mahlon F. was also president of The Oak Hill Cemetery and Vice President of the Crawfordsville Casket Company.
406 West Market (Family Video area today ) -- Mahlon F's residence

Mahlon F. (Fred) and William (along with several other siblings) descended from Mahlon D. Manson who was a General in the Civil War; taught in Montgomery County; was a physician, politician, and druggist.

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