Tuesday, April 8, 2014

1865 Crawfordsville

Ever wonder what Crawfordsville looked like during the Civil War? Well, look no further! This scene is looking west on Main Street (it was called Vernon Street at the time) at the Washington Street intersection.  The bottom-right corner of the image with the fencing is where the courthouse was located. The current courthouse was later built on this same site (1876). The Crawfordsville Journal building (four stories, erected in 1836) held classes for Wabash College in 1838-1839 because Wabash's lone building was destroyed by a fire. Other business are located along Main Street (merchant, tailor, bakery).  Homes can also be seen further west on Main Street.
The second Montgomery County Courthouse (shown here)
was replaced by 1875 with the current building
(the first courthouse was a cabin).

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