Monday, January 13, 2014

LISTEN ... Digitized Media at Crawfordsville Library

  • Want to hear the 1958-1959 CHS Homecoming Queen announced?  (Digital Media from Records)
  • How about part of the Monon Bell game from 1953-1954 (of course Wabash won) when Stan Huntsman was named the MVP? (Digital Media from Records)
  • Jess Caster was born in 1884 in Montgomery County and talks about life growing up here.  (Local Residents)
  • William Hawley, who lived in Ladoga was a communications officer in the 409th Bomb Squad.  (WWII Veterans)

HEAR about all this and lots more!

Digital Media from Records

Oral Interviews, Local Residents

Oral Interviews, WWII Veterans

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