Monday, January 27, 2014

Crawfordsville's Y.M.C.A Clean-Up Campaign

"The new Y.M.C.A. hall is a credit to the city and the pride of all who built the building through untiring energy of many earnest christian men and women, who were greatly assisted by Mr. W. H. Durham." (Argus News 4 December 1889)  At the end of 1913 it was decided the building would need work.  Thus, the Clean-Up Campaign would occur in January 1914 to raise the needed $20,000.
The men are sitting on two new pommel horses.  Notice the gymnastic rings.
These men raised the most money during the campaign.
The Clean-Up Campaign.
The front table is led by Earl Johnson, Captain of Team 9
FYI: The Interurban Terminal Building/Y.M.C.A. was at the corner of Main Street and Washington Street. The first basketball game played in the State of Indiana occurred here.  

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