Monday, September 9, 2013

Willow Grove School

In section 20 of South Union Township, there was a school called Willow Grove (school township 27).  If the school was still standing it would be on the East side of 231 S after 300 South and prior to Evergreen Nursery.  (This photo was property of Ben Miller, the last boy on the front row, who is holding the sign).  Mr. O.W. Oliphant is the teacher.

1894 or 1895, Willow Grove School

Back Row: Myrtle Snyder, Ola Snyder, Ida Stephens, Henry McMains, Effie (?) Snyder,
Nannie Miller, Josephine McMains
Second Row: Ollis (?) (O.W.) Oliphant, Floyd Vancleave, Vernie Grimes, Belle Demort (Demoret?),
Wilmer Pickle, Holden McMains, Bertha Miller, Nye Snyder, Weaver Snyder, (?) McMains
Front Row: Elsie McMains, Guy Demort (?), Pearl Demort (?), June Vancleave, Ben Miller
Thanks to John M. Merrell for allowing us to scan the picture. 

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