Monday, September 16, 2013

A Noble Life Ended: Professor John L. Campbell

Professor John L. Campbell spent many years at Wabash College as Professor of Mathematics, Natural Philosophy and Astronomy (among other positions).  In 1853 after studying under Henry S. Lane and Colonel S.C. Willson, Campbell also acquired a license to practice law.  In February of 1864 he delivered a speech at the Smithsonian regarding Galileo.  After this trip to the East Coast, Professor Campbell wrote Morton McMichael, mayor of Philadelphia, encouraging him to plan an international exposition celebrating America's anniversary year.  Mayor McMichael appreciated this suggestion so much that Campbell was invited to attend the first organized meeting on March 4, 1872 and became the Chairman of the Committee (Wabash College granted him a leave of absence, and for two years he assisted the gentleman of Philadelphia with the preparations.)

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