Wednesday, May 8, 2013

1913 Flood ... Oh Wait! 2013 Flood

Currently, in the Local History Department has a display which highlights the 100 year anniversary of the 1913 flood.  This catastrophic event left the Midwest in turmoil.  Tornado-type winds destroyed barns, ripped off roofs and uprooted trees on Good Friday.  By Easter (March 23, 1913) Sugar Creek was beginning to hit record levels. Days of thunderstorms and, per the Department of Agriculture, the largest snow fall of the season left Montgomery County saturated. No human lives were lost, but, animals and property were not as fortunate.  Unfortunately, due to "new" flooding the display was altered because Crawfordsville was again submerged.  The North side of the City near Sugar Creek was hit hard during both floods.  Because of rushing currents, crevices were 5 feet deep (March 25, 1913) in the Lafayette Avenue thoroughfare.  100 years later, this same location was impacted.  The Old Coke Plant (Power Plant) area was overcome with water, but luckily the road was untouched.  For other information or photos please utilize or visit the library to enjoy the exhibit.

Looking North from Lafayette Avenue

March 25, 1913 -- Creek Crested at 17.30

Water as high as Goal Post - soccer/football field (Old Coke Plant - Power Plant location) South side of Lafayette Avenue

April 19, 2013 -- Creek Crested at 15.31

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